Relievers in Baseball Betting

Relievers in baseball don’t get much of the glory in baseball. Nor do they get much attention, except when they blow saves or walk in the winning run in the 10th. Still, for sports bettors, examining bullpens is a very important handicapping tool. Understand that starting pitchers generally go 6-7 innings, even very good starters.… Read More »

Road Winning in Baseball

The Boston Red Sox, in a close race in the AL East, are playing solid baseball lately. They are 9-6 in their last 15 games on the road against some pretty good teams. During those road games four of the five teams played have a winning record. The combined record of those five teams is… Read More »

Sports Predictions

You can now have the best sports predictions on the internet today from the world’s top handicapping services. If the sports handicappers you have been using are just not getting it done for you and you want to go with a winner that will help you beat the sportsbooks, then you can feel free to… Read More »

MLB Reverse Psychology

One thing about examining starting pitchers in baseball is that sometimes the angle is not WHICH pitcher to back, but which one to WAGER AGAINST! You might call this reverse psychology. All time you hear about great pitching match-ups, but what about bad pitching duels? They can be just as interesting – and profitable. I… Read More »

MLB Gambling Handicapping

Finding live underdogs and solid betting wagers in baseball requires the trained eye of a detective and the skilled hands of a tradesman. It is essential to identify the important facets of information, then, like a surgeon, place those pieces together. Just as important is the ability to sift through and throw out pieces that… Read More »

Fantasy Baseball Handicapping

There are a lot of fantasy baseball leagues and players around the country. Drafting and analyzing players on a day to day basis is an excellent tool for handicapping baseball games. The fantasy players need to examine each player’s stats and injury status to see whether they should be in the lineup or not. Players… Read More »

Baseball Totals Betting Trends

Last week I looked at a few key trends and stats in baseball and tried to find some reasons behind them. One thing that is not surprising is that the New York Yankees are leading the majors in runs scored. What is surprising is that they also lead the American League in pitching with a… Read More »

Baseball Surprises

There seems to be a bit more parity in the 2006 baseball season, which is refreshing. Other than the NY Mets, no one team is pulling away from the others in most divisions. Let’s take a look at some of the surprises to see if there are identifiable reasons. Reds: Cincinnati has been a huge… Read More »

Baseballs Real Curse

Are there really curses in baseball? I’m not sure about the murky goat story, but the Chicago Cubs have had their fair share of unfortunate events, especially in the form of quality players leaving and going on to hall of fame careers elsewhere or great players coming to the Cubs organization only to disappoint. The… Read More »

Baseball Busts

It’s only May, but already there have been some surprises and some busts this baseball season. Here’s a look at some of baseball’s disappointments. Pirates: The Pirates weren’t expected to contend for the NL flag yet, but a ton of talented young pitching was supposed to help them improve. It hasn’t happened yet. Pittsburgh is… Read More »