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    Stephen Nover MLB Free Pick | Aug 03, 2015
    Take: Tampa Bay Rays +118

    For just a fleeting moment it looked like the White Sox might make a move. They had won a season-high seven in a row.
    Since then, though, the White Sox have lost three of their past fo - Read More...

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    Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
    Trev Rogers+13452.01746149653.9%2012-07-10
    Kyle Hunter+13402.04507406552.6%2010-01-13
    Rocky Sheridan+10717.097389852.0%2014-04-01
    Rocky's Lock Club+10196.076759956.1%2013-01-13
    Dave Price+9371.02004170754.0%2011-06-08
    Info Plays+9193.92508227352.5%2012-11-07
    Jeff Allen+8339.21315114853.4%2010-07-07
    Jack Jones+7665.02174197552.4%2012-01-03
    Don Anthony+7166.088675454.0%2014-07-19
    Red Dog Sports+7161.61163101753.4%2011-03-17
    Steve Merril+7090.01909163453.9%2011-08-15
    Mr. East+7008.83856363251.5%2010-09-20
    Brad Diamond+6922.065554054.8%2013-06-10
    Ben Burns+6470.92395191255.6%2012-07-16
    R&R Totals+6414.050340955.1%2014-03-26
    Patrick Webb+5504.01688187747.4%2013-02-17
    Rob Vinciletti+5035.071361653.6%2014-10-04
    Jeff Hochman+5023.047337355.9%2012-10-27
    Johnny Banks+4753.049342054.0%2015-03-13
    Tony Bucca+4356.022114859.9%2015-04-28
    Marc Lyle+4305.067752756.2%2013-10-14
    Stephen Nover +4123.025519756.4%2014-12-10
    Jeff Alexander+3945.078066354.0%2013-11-30
    Brandon Shively +3821.074367552.4%2013-11-21
    Bobby Conn+3803.0874864.4%2015-06-26
    Ross Benjamin+3621.018414456.1%2015-02-27
    Ray Monohan+3109.01393123353.0%2012-11-30
    Alex Smart+3009.088680952.3%2014-09-13
    Joe DelPopolo+2942.0754861.0%2015-06-20
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