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  • Brandon Lee

    Brandon Lee NCAA-B Free Pick | Dec 01, 2015
    Take: Purdue +1+102

    10* FREE NCAAB PICK (Purdue +1)

    Not surprised to see this line right around a pick'em given that both Purdue (6-0) and Pittsburgh (4-0) are undefeated and the game being playing in Pittsburgh - Read More...

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    Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
    Rocky Sheridan+14150.01289120551.7%2014-04-01
    Kyle Hunter+13974.04698423752.6%2010-01-13
    Trev Rogers+11155.01923167853.4%2012-07-10
    Rocky's Lock Club+10023.085968555.6%2013-01-13
    Info Plays+9954.92897263752.4%2012-11-07
    Dave Price+9356.02158184753.9%2011-06-08
    R&R Totals+8035.060349055.2%2014-03-26
    Jack Jones+7590.02361214652.4%2012-01-03
    Don Anthony+7309.0108993753.8%2014-07-19
    Red Dog Sports+7014.61246109653.2%2011-03-17
    Rob Vinciletti+6321.099185853.6%2014-10-04
    Steve Merril+6005.02055177253.7%2011-08-15
    Mr. East+5972.84136391451.4%2010-09-20
    Jeff Allen+5928.21459129952.9%2010-07-07
    Brad Diamond+5667.081169353.9%2013-06-10
    Ben Burns+5279.92688215855.5%2012-07-16
    Marc Lyle+5088.077260056.3%2013-10-14
    Patrick Webb+4915.01808200647.4%2013-02-17
    Jeff Hochman+4584.052542555.3%2012-10-27
    Timothy Black+4298.049243753.0%2015-04-18
    Tony Bucca+4148.056043656.2%2015-04-28
    Sean Higgs+4039.041738152.3%2015-05-27
    Zack Cimini+3946.01479959.8%2015-08-19
    Chip Chirimbes+3789.041834554.8%2015-04-24
    Johnny Banks+3424.090280952.7%2015-03-13
    Brandon Shively +3377.090583152.1%2013-11-21
    Jeff Alexander+3207.094882253.6%2013-11-30
    Ross Benjamin+3201.031126554.0%2015-02-27
    Jimmy Boyd+3138.029824155.3%2015-04-28
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