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  • Jesse Schule

    Jesse Schule NCAA-F Free Pick | Sep 03, 2016
    Take: Hawaii +41½-110

    This is a Free #NCAAF play on the Hawaii #Warriors.

    The public loves Michigan this year, and it's easy to see why. The Wolverines completely turned things around winning 10 games last season, - Read More...

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    Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
    Rob Vinciletti+15577.01566129554.7%2014-10-04
    Rocky's Lock Club+13425.0104982855.9%2013-01-13
    Don Anthony+12006.11518128854.1%2014-07-19
    Kyle Hunter+10956.05241476952.4%2010-01-13
    Jack Jones+10813.02741246152.7%2012-01-03
    Rocky Sheridan+10550.01874179651.1%2014-04-01
    Jeff Alexander+10462.01413118654.4%2013-11-30
    Teddy Davis+10206.049936457.8%2015-11-23
    Ben Burns+9125.93405269255.9%2012-07-16
    Steve Merril+8768.02311197753.9%2011-08-15
    Red Dog Sports+8694.51436126653.1%2011-03-17
    Trev Rogers+8148.02404215552.7%2012-07-10
    Bobby Conn+7228.072260054.6%2015-06-26
    Zack Cimini+7135.042433256.1%2015-08-19
    Jeff Allen+6968.21810160253.0%2010-07-07
    TJ Pemberton+6733.045735256.5%2016-01-04
    Dave Price+6725.02403209553.4%2011-06-08
    Jeff Hochman+6504.062450155.5%2012-10-27
    Stephen Nover+6459.068156354.7%2014-12-10
    Steve Janus+5322.031925355.8%2016-01-24
    Info Plays+5035.93247300951.9%2012-11-07
    Timothy Black+4855.037431954.0%2016-03-24
    Art Aronson+4727.032023957.2%2016-02-26
    Johnny Wynn+4504.022117555.8%2016-03-21
    Brandon Lee+4435.018312759.0%2016-02-25
    Brad Diamond+4354.01212106053.4%2013-06-10
    Ray Monohan+4328.01961175152.8%2012-11-30
    R&R Totals+4328.084875353.0%2014-03-26
    Miguel DaSilva+4291.01035103250.1%2015-08-28
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    Dave’s Sunday, August 28th Premium Pick Preview Dave finished as the #1 Ranked Overall Capper in 2012 by a LANDSLIDE! He has put together a 2410-2096 Overall Run that has his $1,000/game investors...