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Handicapping sports is not an easy art to master, and finding one professional that can provide winners at a high percentage is a rarity. I won't sit here and tell you that I am going to hit 70% of games over the course of a year because it's simply not possible. A sports bettor only has to hit 52.4% of his wagers on average to break even. It sounds easier said than done, and even the best handicappers in the business hit only 55% to 60% of their wagers.  You will be shocked at how much you win by hitting 55% to 60% over the long haul. I have been in the business for all of 13 years now and have sniffed out the tricks of the trade in the handicapping. I use several different methods to come up with winners each day. The factors I use include player match-ups, situational trends, coaching strategies, offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses, ATS systems, weather, injury reports, and many other aspects depending on the sport. Major League Baseball is my go-to sport as I find underdogs showing excellent value each day. I have you betting less and winning more while not having to lay juice on many favorites throughout the course of a season. I am not just your average bettor. I bet sports for a living. I depend on making my yearly wages exclusively through sports betting. Selling my advice is more like a hobby because the income in picks sales doesn't even compare to the amount of cash flow coming in through sports wagering. I have been a handicapper on this network since 2007 and have already compiled numerous Top-5 finishes while competing against over 100 of the best cappers on the planet! Check them out below: 8 DOCUMENTED TOP 6 FINISHES SINCE 2008! #1 MLB Capper 2008 - #2 NCAAF Capper 2012-13 - #2 Overall Capper 2008 - #3 NCAAF Capper 2008-09 - #4 NBA Capper 2012-13 - #5 MLB Capper 2010 - #6 NCAAB Capper 2011-12 - #6 Football Capper 2008-09! It's not easy to finish inside the Top-6 considering the level of competition I'm up against. I only listed the Top-6 finishes above, but I have been a profit-making machine in all 5 of the major sports I handicap. Whether it's MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NBA or NCAAB, I will have you coming out ahead over the course of a season. I have proven it time and time again, and given the chance I'll prove it for you, too. My Rating System: 5 Unit BEST BET - I recommend betting 5% of your starting bankroll on these plays. With a $10,000 starting bankroll, your wager would be $550 to win $500 given -110 juice. 4 Unit SHARP PLAY - I recommend betting 4% of your starting bankroll on these plays. With a $10,000 starting bankroll, your wager would be $440 to win $400 given -110 juice. Money management is the key to winning over the long haul. That's why I try and simplify things for you with this rating system so that you never get off track. Don't bet more than you can afford to lose, don't raise your bets on the winning streaks and don't up your bets on the losing streaks, either. Being consistent with your wagers is your best chance of coming out ahead, and with this rating system I'll help you do just that.