We believe that we have put together a collection of some of the best expert sports handicappers in the betting industry. When it comes to winning against the spread, we will put our group of services up against anyone.

We know that there are a lot of tipsters out there right now, selling their betting tips as "locks." But what I've found is that few can live up to the hype. That is why we wanted to make sure to showcase the records of our very best.

Below is a list of experts who have done very well over the past several seasons. This gives you a large sample size of every type of bet they have released in every single sport. Don't discount anyone on the rankings below as they have done a very good job of winning money with their bets.

Top Rated Sports Handicapping Services in the World

Long term results are great, but sometimes you want to know who has had the hot hand lately. I get it and that's why we also show the leaderboard below of who has won the most since the start of the latest calendar year.

Top 5 Sports Betting Handicappers in Terms of Betting Profit

Rank Handicapper Profit ROI Win PCT W-L Sc Score
1 Bobby Conn $10,743 +7.4% 54.8% 691-569 33.18
2 Mike Williams $6,669 +4.8% 52.0% 612-566 14.12
3 Calvin King $4,956 +2.6% 53.8% 800-688 10.11
4 Frank Sawyer $4,864 +5.8% 57.4% 395-293 11.48
5 Hunter Price $4,408 +2.8% 49.7% 608-615 32.30

We hope this page has given you a better idea of which services to follow if you want to make money betting on sports!