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1. Bob Harvey
2. Black Widow
3. Ross Benjamin
4. Vic Duke
5. Tom Freese


1. Bob Harvey
2. Kyle Hunter
3. Jordan Haimowitz
4. Vic Duke
5. Mikey Sports


1. Glenn Andrew
2. Matt Fargo
3. Carlo Campanella
4. Gregg Price
5. Vic Duke


1. Black Widow
2. John Ryan
3. Jack Jones
4. Bob Harvey
5. Tony Karpinski


1. Mr. East
2. Matt Fargo
3. Black Widow
4. Rocky Atkinson
5. Jeff Alexander

Rogers' *10* NFL Game of the YEAR >> #1 NFL Play This Season!

Here it is. Will Rogers' HIGHEST RATED SELECTION of the NFL season!

Already we've seen "The Coach" go 4-1 with NFL Playoff Sides! His TOP Wild Card Play was Seattle 26-6 over Detroit! His TOP Divisional Rd pick saw Green Bay beat Dallas STRAIGHT UP!

Now it's the BIGGEST ONE of them ALL!

Rogers' 10* NFL Total of the Month >> TOP Playoff Total!

In case you couldn't tell, Will Rogers is not messing around in Sunday's Conference Championship Games! In addition to his #1 Side of the NFL Season, he'll also be releasing his TOP Playoff TOTAL! Do yourself a favor and get a "sub" - ASAP!

Here's what Rogers' TOP Playoff Plays have done so far: Seattle 26-6 over Detroit! GB over Dallas STRAIGHT UP!

Larry's 10* Champ Sunday Las Vegas Insider (63% s/2012)

After B2B 3-1 weekends, Larry's 6-2 (75%) in the playoffs, upping his current NFL run to 26-11 (70%)! His 10* Las Vegas Insider win on GB (outright ov Dallas), makes this 33-yr vet 60-35-3 (63%) s/NFL 2012 with these exclusive plays. It's why clients agree, "It pays to be on the inside with Larry!" 10* Champ Sunday Las Vegas Insider set. Want in?

10* *GB/ATL* TOTAL PERFECT STORM (6-2, 75% PLAYOFFS and 26-11, 70% RUN!)

Larry was 3-1 in the Wildcard and 3-1 in the Divisional round! Now a WHITE HOT 6-2 (75%) in the NFL playoffs and on an overall SPECTACULAR 26-11 (70%) longer-term run on the pro gridiron, Ness warns: “Better batten down the hatches, there’s a couple more 10* storms a brewin’ in the NFL this weekend!” Any takers?!


Larry is 6-2 (75%) in the NFL playoffs and on a MASSIVE 26-11 (70%) longer-term run on the pro gridiron! Ness has two “signature” releases, his “LEGEND” and “33-Club Play,” which pays tribute to his INCREDIBLE 33 years as a professional sports handicapper! Gentlemen, don’t sleep on this ULTRA RARE opportunity!

Sean's NFL 10* Money Bomb

Higgs is ready to cash another Top Rated 10* MONEY BOMB in NFL action $ Sean has cashed his last 5 Top 10s!  (GB, Clemson, West Va, Louisville, Atlanta) Championship Sunday will be no different!