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Jim Feist is also on a 192-143 baseball run, including 80-36 with High Rollers + 7-2-1 in the NFL on Sunday.
Jim Feist's CFB Big Time Bailout Basher - Friday!

Winning in football requires understanding coaching, motivation, depth charts and situations. Jim Feist combines ALL these factors in attacking a bad line on one of Friday's late football tilts. Don't hope for a win, play with a pro and EXPECT TO WIN with Jim's College Football Big Time Bailout Basher and go to bed a W-I-N-N-E-R!

*This package includes 1 NCAA-F Spread pick

Jim Feist's MLB 10* Total Annihilator (21-7-1) - Fri

Jim Feist's baseball totals have been red-hot, on a sizzling 21-7-1 run after last Wednesday's winner on the Indians/Blue Jays UNDER, 3-0. Pitching, Defense, Offense and the Ball Park all come together to CRUSH a baseball total that oddsmakers completely whiffed on. Jim Feist has found great value in today's total, so pack your pockets with extra green with this MLB 10-Star Total Annihilator and step into the Winner's Circle TONIGHT!

*This package includes 1 MLB Total pick

Jim Feist's CFB Inner Circle Insider - Early Saturday!

Jim Feist's Saturday Early Inner Circle releases have been rolling, including Western Michigan upsetting Northwestern straight up. He steps up with another coveted Inner Circle release going early Saturday in college football, a high end Las Vegas staple for over 4 decades. BLAST your bookmaker in the High End Inner Circle WINNER'S CIRCLE!

*This package includes 1 NCAA-F Spread pick

Jim Feist's CFB Bookie Busting 3-Teamer (15-5-1) - Saturday!

Jim Feist is 15-5-1 the last five weeks with his Saturday College Football 3-Packs. He unleashes 3 college football games in 1 pack, 2 sides, 1 total, including a TV Showdown (Clemson/FSU). Turn a triple play of your own with Jim's College Football Bookie Busting 3-Teamer and end your Saturday in the Winner's Circle 3 times!

*This package includes Array Picks (2 NCAA-F Spread, 1 NCAA-F Total)

Jim Feist's CFB Shocker of the Month - Saturday!

One team on the Saturday college card is going to shock the opposition from the first quarter on. There are mismatches on the field, at the key skill positions and with the coaching staff. Find out WHO is focused and READY to DOMINATE! Which means you can team with Jim Feist to dominate the books with this CFB Shocker of the Month and play with the Vegas big boys Saturday!

*This package includes 1 NCAA-F Spread pick

Jim Feist's CFB Avenger Game of the Year - Saturday!

There is no motivation more powerful than REVENGE on the gridiron. Jim Feist knows the angles INSIDE and OUT, keeping close tabs from year to year, and is set to CA$H with a one-sided rout on Saturday's College Football card. Grab this CFB Avenger Game of the Year, where one team is primed for some payback! Get the inside take, with full details, and invest with a Vegas legend Saturday!

*This package includes 1 NCAA-F Spread pick

Jim Feist: CFB Marquee TV Showdown (Clemson/FSU)- Saturday!

Jim Feist steps up with his CFB Marquee TV Showdown! Guaranteed TV Showdown Parlay last month: Winner (Wisconsin + Under vs LSU). Last week's Alabama/Texas A&M TV Showdown: WINNER on the Tide! This is a key ACC clash between rivals Clemson and Florida State, one unbeaten, so grab another bookie busting football blowout winner from Jim!    

*This package includes 1 NCAA-F Spread pick

Jim Feist's NFC Situational Game of the Month - Sunday

Stats, angles, match-ups and coaching are all important factors -- and so are situations on the gridiron! There is a dynamite situation on the Sunday NFL card that SCREAMS for a BLOCKBUSTER PLAY! Jim nailed his 2015 Situational GOY when the Steelers blasted the 49ers, 43-18, in September, then October's NFL Situational Game of the Month when the Chargers crushed the Jets, 31-0! Find out WHOis focused for this NFC Situational Game of the Month and READY to DOMINATE! 

*This package includes 1 NFL Spread pick

Jim Feist's NFL Systems Early Release - Early Sunday!

Jim Feist's Early release NFL Systems play last week: the Patriots, a 27-16 win and cover. He is set to unload on the books with another NFL Systems Release, a play from his unique database combined with 40+ years of experience and insight. Jim has unloaded on the books with a coveted release and you can too. Get the inside take -- with full details -- on this NFL Systems Release and invest with a Vegas legend SUNDAY

*This package includes 1 NFL Spread pick

Jim Feist's 3-Pack NFL Totals - Sunday!

Jim Feist packages 3 totals on the Sunday card, just ripe to pound the books. Totals offer outstanding value to pad your bankroll! Turn a triple play on the books with Jim's Football Bookie Busting 3-Pack NFL Totals -- 3 winners all in 1 pack!

*This package includes 3 NFL Total picks

Jim Feist's NFL Inner Circle Total Dominator - Sunday!

Totals offer as much wagering value as sides -- sometimes even more so. Jim Feist steps up with a coveted Inner Circle TOTAL Dominator going on one of Sunday's NFL Week 8 games -- a high end Las Vegas staple for over 4 decades. This is a one-sided spread rout so grab all the details on this High End NFL Inner Circle Total Dominator and get in the Vegas Inner Circle WINNER'S CIRCLE SUNDAY!

*This package includes 1 NFL Total pick

Jim Feist's NFL Wise Guy Total Eclipser - Monday!

Jim Feist is focused on ANY football number There is a dynamite matchup angle that ties into the Monday night NFL Week 8 clash. So go deep inside the numbers with Jim's NFL Wise Guy TV Total Eclipser and put an all-out blitz on your book!

*This package includes 1 NFL Total pick

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Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Oct 27, 2016
Jaguars vs Titans
UNDER 44 +106 Lost
Play Type: Premium

Reason: A pair of weak offenses meet in this TV game. Jacksonville is #27 in the NFL in yards with QB Blake Bortles throwing as many picks as TDs. Tennessee is a ball control, running offense, ranked #20 in the league in points scored, while the Jaguars are #24. Don't look for an offensive show. Play Jacksonville/Tennessee UNDER the total.      


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